Testimonials - Psoriasis

Many people suffering from this enormously embarrassing and annoying affliction (including the author) have had considerable success with our Beeswax Barrier Hand & Foot Cream.

Just today 19th May 2008 I had a phone call from someone who re-ordered and said he'd bought the cream for his hands but was delighted as he'd found it great for his psoriasis. However read on...

Latest news from Richard Starkie... Our Luxury Face & Body Cream worked wonders... Twice!

Some two years ago I had dreadful psoriasis on one of my legs. You all know what it’s like - great pieces of flaking skin and terrible itching which leads to frantic scratching and eventually bleeding.

Like many people, I’m sure, I tried to ignore this because it doesn’t show under trousers but when we went to Tanzania to see our family I started wearing shorts and this unsightly mess didn’t please Happy my wife one little bit!

In fact she got pretty cross with me because I hadn’t bothered to use either of our creams so I decided to give the Luxury Face & Body Cream a try...

In a couple of weeks of twice daily application alongside using a pumice stone every couple of days or so, to get rid of the excess skin the psoriasis started subsiding, reducing to a large reddish patch. The itching stopped too.
After 6-7 weeks the result was truly amazing!

This big unsightly patch had almost disappeared and shortly afterwards it had gone. There was a little discolouration left but non of the symptoms of the psoriasis at all.

Being a bloke (!) I thought that was it and just forgot about the whole thing for about a year!

And yes - you’ve guessed - the psoriasis came back! I wasn’t at all pleased as you can imagine, but I didn’t let it get as bad as last time and started to use the Luxury Beeswax Face & Body Cream again.

To cut a long story short, I used the same daily treatment with a little less pumice stone this time, and I can report complete success for a second time in about the same timescale.

I just had to share this experience as I feel it can’t be a coincidence.

It’s not my style to write my own testimonials but since we hear other similar stories from some people at shows (who unfortunately despite promising to write to us, don’t get around to it) I thought I must do something about this for any of you who’d like to try our creams.