Testimonials - Eczema

I don’t have sore weeping cracked hands anymore

Dear Richard

I have suffered with my eczema for many years since I was a child. My husband was reading a magazine last month when he came across your advert. I said this wont work as I have tried doctors creams galore including steroid base creams. My hands have improved really well considering I have used it for only a month. I would highly recommend BeeProtX hand and foot cream to anyone. Now my hands don't look old peoples hands anymore at just 34 and I don't have sore weeping cracked hands anymore.

Many Thanks. M M (By email)

Eczema for 23 years...at last a product that works!!!

AMAZING, thank you so much at last a product that works!!! I've had eczema for 23 years which is generally under control however I have very sensitive and thin skin, working in childcare I'm constantly washing my hands, cleaning paint pots etc which dries my hands resulting in cracked sore skin! I've tried hundreds of products wasting crazy amounts of money and had just about given up hope! My dad came across your hand cream in a newspaper and decided to give it a go and am so glad I did! After 2 weeks my hands had cleared up, the cream is unlike any other I've tried its not thick, sticky or smelly and it has become part of my daily routine, I keep a small pot in my handbag, a large pot at home and the pump action pot at work! My hands have never looked and felt so good, I'm hooked and now my family are too! I use it on my son, Great for nappy rash! I urge anyone with cracked or sore hands or feet to give it a go! Thank you again!!! Lindsey Auton, Oxfordshire

Miracles come in small doses

My wife got some (of your) products at the Malvern Show and she has continued to use them alongside the E45 cream she is prescribed by the GP.

Slowly and surely the eczema problem is being resolved. No overnight magic just a steady process where the skin is becoming more supple, less painful and she can now walk. Previously that was almost impossible due to splits on her feet.

It is only since using the BeeProtX that the improvement has started. The E45 did a good job at holding the eczema at bay but not in resolving it.

Another great benefit has been the way the unsightly marks of eczema have gone, for example the blotches on the legs, scabs on the hands – all of which Mary was embarrassed about, causing further anxiety.

Based on the physical results she now has great faith in BeeProtX and, of course, that helps the healing process. We accept the problem will not disappear but the pain and the scarring has all but gone. It is certainly well under control and she now is regaining her confidence. Doubtless, she will have to continue to use the product but it is a small price to pay for a better quality of life.

Best wishes for the future

Ian G (31st October 2010)

Eczema from Alison Adkins…

Just to say I think the cream is amazing. I have tried everything going on my daughter's eczema. Her hands are particularly bad as she is around horses a lot and this aggravates it.

When I bought the cream at this years horse show I didn't expect the results that I got as after 12 years of trying everything and seeing a lot of skin specialists, I didn't actually think there was much hope of finding a cream without steroids that would make such an amazing difference.

Whilst at the show, I gave the small tub to my brother in law who also suffers from eczema and he is just as pleased with it as I am. Alison Adkins

Dan Apsey writes...

The beeswax barrier hand cream worked wonders on my sore chapped hands. I’ve had eczema since birth and it’s difficult to find a product suitable to clear it until I found this cream. It’s truly fantastic! I strongly recommend it to anyone with the same problem. (By email).

Jordan Crichlow (Age 12) wrote...

As I had eczema on my hands which wouldn’t clear up, my Grandpa gave me pot of your Beeswax Barrier Hand Cream to see if it would help. The eczema is much better, so I use the cream every day.

R. H  Writes...

I have suffered all my life with asthma and eczema and having very sore hands which are cracked and incredibly itchy, making all sorts of jobs impossible ie. washing up and gardening and also not being able to bend my fingers. It was suggested I order some of your cream and give it a go but after years of steroid creams and seeing dermatologists I was rather sceptical until.... I placed my order. How fantastic is this cream, my hands are moist, crack free and just lovely.

Pat B writes...

Due to a urinary infection I was prescribed several course of anti-biotics, one of which resulted in my getting eczema on my hands and legs. I tried many different creams for this but none were successful. Whilst at Bisley I tried a sample of your cream which felt nice on the skin so I purchased a pot.

After a few days my hands and legs healed and there was no itching either. I use the cream frequently as I work with my hands but no longer suffer. Thank you.

Karen Correau wrote...

I have had eczema on both my hands for 12 years, which makes my knuckles split and bleed resulting in not being able to bend my fingers and would take weeks and many plasters before they would heal. I have used different creams and steroid creams from my doctor which would only help for a few days. I then saw the advert for Starkie’s Beeswax Barrier Hand Cream in my husbands shooting magazine and thought it was worth a try as nothing else had worked.

Well to my amazement I noticed the difference on the first day of using the cream and here I am 7 weeks later