Testimonials - Mechanics & Engineers

Andrew P was delighted he bought BeeProtX® at The Great Dorset Steam  Fair!

I am a mechanic working on lorries and had badly cracked oil stained hands. After buying BeeProtX at the Great Dorset Steam Fair and applying the cream every morning before work I no longer have any cracks and my hands don’t stain. I don’t need to use hand cleaner any more which used to affect my skin because all the muck comes straight off my hands using only the liquid soap at work. The way I remember to use the cream is to leave it by my car keys.

Note: Andrew had dermatitis on his hands, probably caused by the hand wash he thinks, and the BeeProtX® Beeswax Barrier Hand Cream cleared this up too.

Engineer's Testimonial

I am an Engineer and have suffered with my hand cracking and being sore due to working with harsh oils and greases. Thanks to your product I no longer have cracked hands. It also stops to my hands becoming black due to ground in dirt! Look a lot better when going out as I do not have to hide my dirty looking hands. Great Product Thanks!

Kind Regards,

Adam Evans

P.S. I was the guy you spoke to at the Royal Welsh Show.