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Livestock farming (Lambing) testimonial

I am a shepherd and during winter get frost cracks, around the ends of my fingers and thumbs. Or should I say I used to!

In the year before I started using BeeProtX, I counted up to 30 cracks on each hand. It was so bad I went to the Doctor to see if he could do anything. He said try a hand cream!

I did, I tried many hand creams and went into lambing still with loads of cracks. It was so painful, every time I put my hand into a ewe to help her, it was like putting my hands in acid.

Lambing finished, the weather improved and so did my hands, so my search for a remedy slackened.

Lincoln show came around and I saw Starkie’s stand. I went and chatted about my hands and was ensured that this cream would help. I bought some (I blinked a bit as it seemed very expensive, but it really lasts well, so isn’t really that dear) and that was just about it for frost cracks.

I start putting it on daily in about September and use it to about end of April, depending on the weather. I can honestly say that I hardly ever have a frost crack now, and if I do, it’s probably because I haven’t been using the cream daily. Get back in the routine with a couple of extra applications and it has gone.

It really is very good and worth every penny, especially if you buy it at a show and get the special offer.

There you are, keep up the good work.

Dom H (by email)


Poultry Farmer TestimonialR A Coggan wrote...

During the last 2½ years my hands have never been so free of cracks as they are daily contact with poultry manure. I use it twice daily to stop the cracks recurring