Testimonials - Horses' Heels & Mallenders

Our mare’s heels are finally crack free...

Dear Richard,
I just wanted to let you know how we have been getting on with the Beeswax Cream for one of our horse's cracked heels.

We have been battling with this problem for 2 months now… and we have tried every cream available on the equine market. Everything I've used seems to clog the skin and attracts mud and dirt!

What I've been looking for was something which is actually absorbed by the skin and doesn't leave a residue, plus works as a waterproof barrier.

Your Beeswax Cream does what it says on the tin!!

Our mare's heels are finally crack free. The cream is readily absorbed and (her heels) are really nice and supple now. So are my hands and nails… after applying it to her I've been using the cream too.

Thanks again for supplying such a great product… Regards, Karen Corr.