Testimonials - Diabetics

Jean E Wrote...

On being diagnosed with diabetes - hereditary - I was intensively instructed in diet and medication & foot care.

Diet and medication were quite straight forward but foot care was not so simple. I spent months buying rasps and ineffective expensive foot creams. The creams were in small tubes and did not do what they promised and ran out very quickly.

I saw your advert in Horse & Hound and sent for an 8oz Tub. The best days work I ever did! I have sent for my third tub. It lasts a long time and no hard rough skin or cracks on my heels and the price is brilliant. A pumice stone and your cream and my feet are perfect.

I can recommend it to anyone especially diabetics. My husband also suffered from split hard skin around his thumb nails when working outside and they have healed completely. Thank you.