Testimonials - Cracked hands

An Excellent Product

This is an excellent product, I have only applied the cream three times since I recently received it and it is already working. The Beeswax Barrier Hand Cream is non greasy, does not smell and soaks in within a minute, if not less.
I used to use another (named) non scented hand cream and I will never buy that again, but will purchase BeeProtX Beeswax Barrier Hand & Foot Cream. I highly recommend it to anyone that has problems with chapped or dry skin or cracked hands in winter.
From purchase to delivery, the service was outstanding.
Scott, Liverpool

I look forward to seeing you at CRUFTS...

This cream is the only thing that saves my hands at work!- Helene from Nowzad. www.Nowzad.com  (Nowzad is an extraordinary charity started by soldiers that rescues stray dogs from the horrors of war torn Afganistan. Their stand is next to ours at CRUFTS Hall 1-39).

....This cream is fantastic!

My mother in law bought a small pot of this cream from yourselves at the LAMMA show this year. My hands and feet suffer from dryness and cracked skin from my work - This cream is fantastic!
(when he re-ordered an 8oz Pumper)

....and has tried every product under the sun trying to find a cure
I would like to thank you very much for your Hand & Foot Cream product.
My wife has struggled every winter with badly cracked fingers and has tried every product under the sun trying to find a cure.
I ordered your cream in November last year and she has used it every day since. Her hands have never been better. She also uses it on her foot which she has been having problems with and has cured this also. We have since placed more orders for the same cream.
Absolutely amazing - and we have recommended it to friends and relatives who have been having the same problem, they have also ordered it and are over the moon with the results.
Once again thank you very much and I am sure we will be using your products for years to come.
Yours sincerely, C & J M.

...NO cracking to my hands this Winter.

I discovered your product at Crufts dog show in spring 2008. Having suffered deep sore cracks either side of my thumb nails (& sometimes on other fingers too) repeatedly each year between about October & May, I was pretty desperate to find something that would heal them and prevent the cracks reoccurring.

I started to use the cream immediately, and the cracks began to heal immediately. As they healed from the bottom, the soreness went within a couple of days. The cracks were full skin thickness and very deep,so it took approximately 3 weeks for them to heal completely, but continued use of the cream meant I had no more problem with my hands that Spring.

I began using the cream again in September, and have been applying it most days (I massage it particularly into my finger tops, round the nails). As a result I have suffered NO cracking to my hands this winter.


Sara Davies

Having tried many ‘cures’ in the past I decided to give it a go...

At the Herts County Show I was somewhat cynical when I saw Starkies Beeswax Creams, Cracked hands & feet healed in 10 days.

Having tried many ‘cures’ in the past I decided to give it a go. After 10 days the improvement was obvious and after a few weeks the cracks had healed completely. I will continue to use the cream as a barrier in future.’



...I am now completely free of skin complaints...

hello richard i just had to write to you to tell you how amazeing i have found your cream, untill i tried it i was on three types of medication for variouse skin problems,1,diprobase cream for my feet,2,diprosalic ointment for my ankles and leggs,3,betnovate RD cream for my hands and elbows,all the above were on repeat perscriptions, they never cleared the problems up they just stopped the problems getting any worse, i was on the creams for over two years till i was recomended to try your product, i was sceptical but went ahead and tried it well i could not belive it,after ten days of useing your cream the problems started to go away i am now compleatly free of skin complaints i still use the cream two to three times a week just as a safegaurd,i have recommended it to many of my friends who have tried it with the same results as me,you have a truely wonderfull product there and i would think many people includeing myself owe you a big thank you istill order the beeswax cream with the free travel tub every couple of months once again thank you for supplying such a wonderfull product as they say on the tv it does what it says on the tin.

yours faithfully peter porter-brown

...it really is an amazing cream and well worth the money.

As discussed on the telephone, my husband had suffered from cracked hands as a result of building works.

He has tried many different creams and nothing worked.

We saw your cream for sale at the County Show Ground in Malvern, within a week of using it his hands had healed, it really is an amazing cream and well worth the money. Thank you

Debbie Plant

No other cream seems to work the magic that yours does...

Dear Mr Starkie,

Thank you for sending the Barrier Cream post-haste. I ran out of it just before I went on holiday with the result that by the time I got back both my hands and feet were extremely dry. No other cream seems to work the magic that yours does so I'm very pleased to have it at last. Within a few days my hands and feet will be human again!


Kate Burton

...on receipt of your cream within 2 days the rash had disappeared.

Hello Richard.

Just to say many thanks for the sample of your Beeswax barrier cream enclosed with our recent order.

Although we only use hypoallergenic shampoo for the dogs, Andy developed a sore rash on the sides of his hands. We tried several different hand creams without success, but on receipt of your cream within 2 days the rash had disappeared.

We now both use the cream daily with no more problems.
Thanks again, Val Ledger, Swaggers Dog Grooming.

Giant tortoises aren’t kind to your knees!

Last year I purchased your cream and it worked almost immediately in reducing pain and healing cracks. Also I have found it most beneficial for use on my knees which suffer due to my having to spend a lot of time on them when caring for giant tortoises.

Yours faithfully, B N Swann

Cynthia’s split fingers cleared up in time for Christmas..!

Thank you so much for a brilliant product. I have just re-ordered, but had to tell you that for the first time in as many years as I can remember, I wrote all my Christmas cards in one hit as I was able to hold my pen in my usually split, sore fingertips. What a relief!!! Keep up the good work.
Cynthia C

Cheryl P writes...

What a brick you are Richard, thanks so much. Fancy getting an email from the boss, very impressive. It is the most brilliant product, like the new Face Cream too. My partner has worked on the market for years selling oriental rugs and kilims, and in the process suffers very badly from cracked thumbs, the weather etc.. Your cream is brilliant for this, and especially for my (former) cracked heels.
Kind regards,

Split and cracked hands from Mike Gerrish…

I bought this product from you a couple of weeks ago, after everything else I have tried over the years to sort out splits and cracks in my hands had failed to deliver. And the results from your product were, without exaggeration, simply astonishing.
     Within three days the splits had healed and inside a week the deeper cracks were sorted.
     I cannot recommend it highly enough - just wish I'd put natural scepticism aside much earlier"...Mike Gerrish

Gillian Reid writes...

"It is quite marvellous and I am so pleased"…
I am writing to tell you how wonderful I found the Beeswax Barrier Hand Cream you sent me. I had very sore hands with splits in the skin, mainly on the joints of the fingers and my palms and the tips of the fingers which gave me great agro during the day but also during the night.

I had been to the doctor about it and anything he gave me seemed to damage my skin worse. I have never had anything like this before in my life. I cannot be sure what caused it but I do run the home, washing and washing up etc. and love gardening, but I have always done these things and never had any bother before.

But then I read your advertisement and phoned you and you kindly sent me this wonderful, easy to use cream. I used it straightaway and within a very short time the cracks began to heal.

It took about 5 weeks to clear. It was quite amazing and such a relief to be able to use my hands again normally without protecting them with gloves all the time when doing cooking, kitchen jobs and gardening.

I could hardly believe it. Only a small amount was needed each time I used it and I still use it daily, putting on a little first thing in the morning.

I use no other cream now, keeping well clear from the usual hand creams all of which contain oil-derived parabens and heaven knows what else… I think the Beeswax cream acts as a barrier and gives my skin the chance to look after itself beneath.


Many, many thanks.
With all good wishes.
Yours thankfully,
Gillian Reid.

Sore and chapped hands from Peter Bassnett…

Dear Richard,
Further to our conversation I look forward to receiving my re-supply of your Beeswax Barrier Hand Cream. It is difficult to express how pleased I am with your product without appearing 'over the top'.

Many shooting seasons past have been spent shooting and picking up with my springers. Whilst each passing season has brought much pleasure, each one has also brought significant discomfort from sore and chapped hands until last season when I started to use your Beeswax Barrier Hand Cream after reading a magazine feature.

It does much more than it 'says on the tin' and completely put a stop to my hand problems with one tub lasting the whole season. Peter Bassnet

Jim Emerson had deep weeping "hacks"…a lot better in 6-7 days...

I joke - I could sue you - for wrong claims. My hands were a lot better in 6-7 days not as in the paper. Seriously I had "hacks" at the side of my nails, deep weeping and gooey blood when I gripped anything.

I work with steel, soil, and building materials in wet acid conditions daily - "hacks" bleed as normal daily, easing a bit in summer, only yet in 6 days I had the ability to button up a white shirt and leave it CLEAN with no stains of blood over it as I fiddled with the buttons.

In 10 days or so I have used half of the 2oz tub - OK I'm generous with it but it's so nice not to have leaking hands on the sofa and chairs - and no indoor nagging either!

Thank you again - it's such a nice relief to sit without wrapped hands indoors...

Jim Emerson 7th April 2008

...within 2 weeks my hands were better.

I must write and tell you I found your Beeswax Barrier Hand & Foot cream excellent. I had very bad hands. They were very sore with dry skin and they were splitting and bleeding. I tried all hand creams, other creams also antibiotic creams off the doctor of no avail.

I tried your cream after reading an advert and within 2 weeks my hands were better. I would recommend it to anyone to try.
Mrs M V

...before I had dozens of creams for hands feet & other body parts, now I have only one...

Hi There

I bought some of this cream at a Horse show earlier this year I was a bit sceptical at first because when I tried a sample on my way past the stand it felt sticky, yuk I hate sticky, the lady assured me it would only feel like that for a few seconds. I wandered off to see the rest of the show and yes the sticky feeling disappeared quite quickly. I also noticed that the skin on my hands no longer felt tight and itchy. Before the end of the show I made my way back to the stall to buy some cream, I now feel like the lady in a cosmetic advertisement; before I had dozens of creams for hands feet and other body parts, now I have only one I love it it doesn't sting if you have sore or cracked skin or even sun burnt skin and it smells really nice and best of all it works And if; and you all have at some point, had a red raw nose after a cold or flue then this soothes and...