Testimonials - Cracked Feet

No more cracked heels this winter!

Hello Starkies ,

First , I wish to thank Richard for his phone call yesterday .... I also wish to state how delighted I am with the Beeswax barrier cream, for the last ten years or more I have had trouble with cracked thumbs and cracked heels but not this winter ! thanks to your beeswax, I had tried many "potions " the best of those being petroleum jelly but that was a bit messy, beeswax is the one for me .

Many Thanks , Sincerely, John Foreman .

At last a cream that does what it says on the tin!!!

At last a cream that does what it says on the tin!!! After trying various treatments for my horrible feet I’ve finally found something that works.
Ruth Tott - Home Farmer Magazine

It lasts a long time and no hard rough skin or cracks on my heels...

Dear Starkies,

On being diagnosed with Diabetes - hereditary - I was intensively instructed in diet and medication and foot care. Diet and medication was quite straight forward but footcare was not so easy. I spent months buying rasps and ineffective expensive foot creams. The creams were in small tubes and did not do what they promised and ran out very quickly.. I saw your advert in Horse and Hound for your Beeswax Barrier Hand Cream and sent for your 8oz tub. The best days work I ever did. I have just sent for my third tub. It lasts a long time and no hard rough skin or cracks on my heels and the price is brilliant. A pumice stone and your cream and my feet are perfect. I can recommend it to any one especially Diabetics. My husband also suffered from split hard skin around his thumb nails when working outside and they have healed completely.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely - Jean Evans

Miracles come in small doses

My wife got some (of your) products at the Malvern Show and she has continued to use them alongside the E45 cream she is prescribed by the GP.

Slowly and surely the eczema problem is being resolved. No overnight magic just a steady process where the skin is becoming more supple, less painful and she can now walk. Previously that was almost impossible due to splits on her feet.

It is only since using the BeeProtX that the improvement has started. The E45 did a good job at holding the eczema at bay but not in resolving it.

Another great benefit has been the way the unsightly marks of eczema have gone, for example the blotches on the legs, scabs on the hands – all of which Mary was embarrassed about, causing further anxiety.

Based on the physical results she now has great faith in BeeProtX and, of course, that helps the healing process. We accept the problem will not disappear but the pain and the scarring has all but gone. It is certainly well under control and she now is regaining her confidence. Doubtless, she will have to continue to use the product but it is a small price to pay for a better quality of life.

Best wishes for the future

Ian G (31st October 2010)

Mrs C G J writes...

While at Crufts Dog Show I bought a small tub of your Beeswax Barrier Hand Cream which I was assured would relieve the cracks on my heels.

I am very pleased to say that this is in fact what it has done! As they say, it does exactly what it says on the tin. I am now close to running out (shows how long it lasts) and I would like to re-order. Mrs C G J

Note: (Crufts was at the beginning of March and this letter is dated 10th July 2008 - 4 months later!)

With a repeat order...

I used some of this cream some two years ago and found it very satisfactory for my cracked heels.

Yours faithfully, BJW