Testimonials - Cheiropompholyx & Podopompholyx

Note: From what people tell us it would seem that these two things are quite similar. We’ve therefore grouped them together.

Andy P from Boston writes...

I saw your product at Santa Pod last November, and at the time I thought I’ll give this product the benefit of the doubt and tried the sample, and within minutes I could feel the difference, no dry hands and stiff skin on them. So I thought I would try the promo set of 4 oz, 2 oz and 1/4oz. Having had confidence from the sample, the product works better than it says on the tin. I suffer from cheiropompholyx and the foot and hand cream works really well. It not only keeps top side of the condition, but makes the hands fully usuable again without cracking and blistering. BUT the downside is that working with wood all day, I now get more splinters ( ! )

A small price to pay. However, it also protects your hands from oils, grease etc, and any dirt that accumulates, is very easily washed off, keeping the working days grime OUT of

your sensitive skin. Overall, 10 out of 10. Just ordered some more.

Thanks Andy P Boston, Lincs

Margaret Chapman writes...
Your cream is very good in keeping this complaint under control when it breaks out and using the cream two or three times a week helps keep the problem at bay. It is the only thing which my husband has found to be any good in relieving the itchy and burning feeling and he wouldn’t be without it. Margaret Chapman.