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Colds and ‘Flu. How to stop sore lips, nose and face!

     Applying a little BeeProtX® Barrier Hand & Foot Cream to your lips, nose and face when you’ve got a cold is a brilliant way to stop them getting sore when you’re blowing your nose and sneezing all the time.
     Being a nourishing Barrier Cream it stops your face getting inflamed and is far more pleasant than Vaseline® which is so greasy. BeeProtX® goes right into the skin and after a few minutes you won’t even know it’s there.
     What’s more you only have to put it on once in the morning and maybe a little at night!

     A 1oz Tub will see you and the family through umpteen colds and you’ll find it worth every penny!

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1oz/28.5g Hand & Foot Cream Travel Tub £7.95  (Code: 1BPXHFC)

This is a handy size for taking on a trip. There is enough cream for 3 or 4 weeks and when empty this tub can be re-filled.
To buy this as a money saving “Twin Pack” with Luxury Face & Body Cream click here.


Order a 1oz Tub here.

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Starkie's BeeProtX® Beeswax Protective Hand & Foot Cream is NOT a medicinal product and if you suffer from any medical condition you should consult your doctor. If it is an animal that is suffering you should consult a vet. This statement also applies to any other of our creams.

Richard Starkie Associates and their employees do not make any specific claims about our products but only re-cycle information we have gleaned from our our customers' experiences unless otherwise stated.

None of our creams have been tested on animals nor include animal ingredients.

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